Copper tube case

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Copper tube case

Project Address: Qingdao, China
Material: Brass
Project introduction: European copper stair handrail
Business Scope: Copper Round Tube, Copper Square Tube, Brass Plate

Copper is a hard metal, resistant to corrosion and not easy to be damaged. Its chemical activity sequence is extremely low, only higher than that of silver, platinum and gold, so its performance is extremely stable. In the atmosphere, copper also develops its own copper oxide film to prevent further oxidation and corrosion. While many iron tools from the same period rusted and even produced oxides and ash, copper still performed well. Copper lasts much longer than wood and is more weather resistant than stone.

Copper is also an environmentally friendly material, and its concentrations are always within safe limits for the natural environment. Copper can be recycled without waste. Even recycled copper retains its original copper properties. Copper is also known as "humanized metal" because of its natural properties and human characteristics of richness, luxury, solemnity and warmth.

Copper decoration has been widely used in construction with its unique advantages. Copper stairs are the go-to choice for high-end buildings, especially water and heating systems.

Copper is durable and reusable. Copper has gradually evolved into an elegant patina with its attractive color, resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and gradual natural weathering. It can also be processed into a variety of attractive colors and glosses.

As a decorative material, copper has a series of aesthetic properties such as high strength, beautiful appearance, strong durability, fire resistance, time-saving maintenance, easy deformation, convenient installation, and recyclability. There are more and more applications not only in ancient buildings, but also in many modern public buildings, commercial buildings and residential buildings. In the construction industry, Lvliang Copper Industry gives people the enjoyment of beauty with its unique shape, elegance and elegant style. In human history, copper has had an important and far-reaching impact on the development of history. They are a product of the times and have largely accelerated the pace of historical progress.