Hotel Decoration

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Hotel decoration

Project Address: Shanghai, China
Material: brass, copper rectangular tube, copper plate, copper profile
Project Introduction: Hotel decoration materials, metal decoration and landscape sketches
Business scope: hotel gates, hotel metal decoration, special-shaped structures, gallery grilles, landscape pavilions, Wait.


The copper material requires very careful work from the initial grinding to the finished product, as well as the color matching in the later stage. It is precisely because of this kind of meticulous work that the decoration will appear noble.



Nowadays, everyone's demand for decoration is getting higher and higher, and manufacturers are constantly developing new copper materials according to customer needs.

Types of copper materials At present, the main copper varieties are as follows: There are five kinds of copper materials: brass, bronze, cupronickel, red copper, copper alloy, etc.

Brass: It has the characteristics of no rust, no corrosion, and good plasticity.

Bronze: strong corrosion resistance.

Cupronickel: The layout copper-nickel alloy has high mechanical properties.

Red copper: It has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, ductility and high plasticity, and is regarded as the best copper door material.
Copper alloy: an alloy composed of pure copper as the matrix and one or several other elements added.