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Buck’s main products are copper and copper alloy sheets, strips, foils, rods, wires, pipes and special-shaped copper materials products, composite materials, high-tech materials and so on. Copper products with complete in grade, numerous in variety, wide range in specifications  and high technical standards are widely used in power facilities, electronic information, automobiles, machinery, ships, aerospace and major equipment and other fields.

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  • Hotel decoration

    Hotel decoration

    The copper material requires very careful work from the initial grinding to the finished product, as well as the color matching in the later stage. It is precisely because of this kind of meticulous work that the decoration will appear noble.
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  • Copper door, Copper ceiling

    Copper door, Copper ceiling

    From the overall tone, the building as a whole gives a solemn and stable feeling. The overall feel is gorgeous. The colors are gorgeous, rich and calm yet elegant, and the simplicity contains new ideas.
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  • Copper tube case

    Copper tube case

    As a decorative material, copper has a series of aesthetic properties such as high strength, beautiful appearance, strong durability, fire resistance, time-saving maintenance, easy deformation, convenient installation, and recyclability.
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    The Timeless Allure of Copper Ingots: From Ancient Craftsmanship to Modern Applications


    Throughout the annals of human history, copper has held a special place due to its remarkable properties and wide range of applications. One of the most enduring forms of copper utilization is the creation of copper ingots – solid, rectangular blocks of this versatile metal that have served as th...

  • Copper-Tube-Refrigeration-Copper-Tube-Air-Conditio3

    Copper tube welding method?


    The welding of copper tubes has always been an indispensable part of the production and use of copper tubes. During such a very routine operation, various minor problems often occur. How do we weld the copper tube, a simple step is shown here today. (1) Preliminary preparation Before welding, it...

  • 1

    Inheritance and innovation of copper strip


    Copper strip as a traditional metal handicraft, its history can be traced back to the ancient civilization thousands of years ago. As early as ancient civilizations such as ancient egypt, ancient greece and ancient rome, copper strip has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. It is...

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